Temp Jobs Help During Holidays

Posted by admin | Queens News | Posted on November 15th, 2009

The best way to meet some of those extra holiday expenses is with some extra holiday income. NY1’s Asa Aarons filed the following Employment Report.
There are plenty of jobs waiting to be filled, if you know where to look and how to apply.

The obvious choice for many is retail. Between 24 hour sales and higher customer traffic, plenty of retail stores need people who can help customers, manage cash registers and manage stock.

Experts say if you are serious about working, file an online application. Most stores have websites set up that will guide you through the process. Start online but end at the store location. Put in a physical application too. They may be considering thousands, so you want to be the one to stand out. Look sharp and make an impression.

If you are near a mall, visit other stores and ask the clerks about job info.

Of course, the season creates plenty of work for stock workers, sorters, drivers and delivery people. There will be literally thousands of openings for these jobs.

You can bet plenty of service workers, i.e. bartenders, will have a chance to pick up a healthy tip at holiday parties.

If you are looking beyond a temp job into a career move, employment specialist and executive recruiter Kimberly Bishop says you should not limit yourself to retail and delivery jobs.

“Some companies will have seasonal needs because their current staff is taking time off over the holidays,” Bishop said. “So this can really give job seekers an opportunity to reach out to different companies that they have an interest in and really volunteer and put out there that they’d be willing to come in and do some things over the holidays.”

Bishop says these opportunities could appear at ad agencies, studios, practically any place professionals take time off for the holidays.

“It does a couple of things. One, is you might land someone a job. The other thing that it does is give the job seeker the opportunity to reach out to some prospective employers and get back on their radar screen,” Bishop said.

Bishop says the best way to find these positions is through solid networking and making the rounds at some temp agencies. She adds you should make sure you are reachable at a moments notice and to be prepared to work some undesirable hours.

When you reach out for these types of employment opportunities, stress your willingness to work vacation relief on any shift they might have.

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