Duo Donates Time, Dos For Good Cause

Posted by admin | Queens News | Posted on October 25th, 2009

Two New Yorkers are being recognized for their ongoing efforts to help cancer patients feel better. NY1’s Grace Rauh filed the following report.

Songwriter and producer M.E. Morganteen is donating her ponytail. Andrew DiSimone, the owner of Face Station hair salon is cutting it. The duo are behind Donate Your Ponytail — a month-long drive where people can do just that by getting a free haircut. The hair is then used to make free wigs for children with cancer.

“As they are going through their treatment, the human hair wig just allows them to stay a kid while they are going through all of that,” Morganteen said.

Morganteen and DiSimone met six months ago. Both have family members who have had cancer. The two were inspired to start Donate Your Ponytail after they met a child who had lost all her hair. Her only wish was to be able to swim with a wig at summer camp. Morganteen and DiSimone gave her one that she could wear in the water.

“You put a wig on someone’s head you restore their dignity, it’s incredible,” DiSimone said.

DiSimone volunteers once a week at the American Cancer Society and styles people’s wigs for free. Morganteen was inspired and asked her musician friends to donate their music to raise money for ACS. One hundred percent of the money raised through downloads of those songs goes to the cancer society’s free wig program.

“He told me beautiful and I was thinking he was talking about the wig, but he was talking about me, he said you and the wig too,” said cancer survivor Rocio Vargas Quintanilla.

On her second day of chemo treatment last year, Vargas Quintanilla lost her hair. ACS provided her with a free wig and DiSimone provided the styling for free.

“To have a professional here that does that and not only feels good about themselves to let them know its okay to feel the way you are feeling but we are going to make you feel better,” said David Pulli of the American Cancer Society.

There are currently eight salons participating in Donate Your Ponytail. DiSimone says it takes six to seven ponytails to make a wig. So far, they have given four free wigs to children.

Morganteen says many of the salons participating in the program have agreed to provide the free service for the next year.

“I hope they get the feeling that they are a part of something bigger than they could ever imagine,” DiSimone said.

For striking a cord with cancer patients of all ages and giving them a brand new do, M.E. Morganteen and Andrew DiSimone are NY1’s New Yorkers of the Week.

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